Welcome to The City Library's Teen Submission Page

The City Library is seeking creations from local teens. We’ll feature these in a variety of public digital collections, and on our City Library Teens blog. Salt Lake-area teens are encouraged to submit original photos, drawings, music, poetry, short stories, book reviews, and other creative content. You can showcase your work, show off your skills, and be a part of this special city-wide collection. Contributions will be curated into categories by Teen Librarians, and could be featured on the Library's social media. See below for guidance on what to submit and how to be part of this special teens-only project.

Submitting Teen Digital Content to the City Library

The submission process is free, and only takes about 10 minutes. You are welcome to submit as many pieces of digital content as you would like. Before you submit, please make sure that your content is:

  • An original work to which you own the rights.
  • 5,000 words or less, for written content.
  • Reviewed by a parent or guardian before submitting.

What Digital Content can I submit?

We’re looking for a diverse range of submissions that reflect and celebrate Salt Lake City's teen cultures. Suggested content includes: art, writing, music, videos, reviews of books or other library materials, and more! Please include a description about your work. What tools or materials did you use to make your art, and what did you create it for?

Accepted File Formats

Audio files (MP3), Images (JPG, PNG, GIF), Videos (MP4, MOV), and Writing (PDF, ePUB).

How Do I Digitize My Content?

There are plenty of resources available for easy DIY digitizing, including at your Library! When The City Library is open, our Creative Lab staff encourages you to attend workshops, ask for expert advice and use equipment.